Seems to be a myth now tbh


the 40 pull per 5 for elite player tokens anyone else think its as much of a myth as them dam liliths


For a while it seemed to give me one every 40 but I’ve done 60 or so without a 5* now


I have gone a while now


I was starting to think this. Been ages for me also :thinking:


Not sure if you’re aware but the 40 pulls have to be done in a couple of days (not sure how long). After that it resets and you have to do 40 again. So shouldn’t pull without saving enough to do at least 40 if you want to be sure to get a 5*.


you dont need to save happens randomly with that 40 been well over 40.


Huum, you were actually talking about elite tokens pulls but the 40 thing only work for prestige pulls


um no only works for paid pulls and elite tokens.


Great gif, and okay my bad.
But who has two thumbs and doesn’t give a crap? :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, it’s just dumb luck. I got a green command Morgan with a single elite character token but have not gotten anything else after that.


not dumb luck at all

just seems not to work anymore on elite.