Seems some accounts are rigged


lol classic


Lol , Seems that the lesser talented people get amazing toon unless you are a spender and can just get every promo. Multiple people in my faction single pull toons such as(bruce, madison, and blue mich) funny thing is that its the same guys and they pull something every week.

I just sit back and laugh at my blacklisted account; convinced i have the worst luck in this game lol.


sadly i dropped from my faction after this too crw. This game is oversaturated with revives, shields and bonus hp toons. i love this game, Been playing for a little over 2 years and i can beat most teams but taking 3 mins on a triple revive team with a shield or two isn’t my definition of fun.


It’s only gonna get better with the free revive incoming for everyone :rofl:


regarding rigged accounts…

last stretch i bought 4 mods gold/silver with a 50% chance of getting gold, all turned out silver.

this stretch i bought the same offer 4 mods with 50% chance of getting gold, all turned out silver once againg! 8 times in a row!

there are no rigged accounts,
just scopelys % means sh**.


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