Seems some accounts are rigged


Why do I get nothing but 4s from premier recruits yet I’m watching many people getting 1-2, 5 and 6* with their pulls? 10 pull or even single pulls. The pull ratio isn t accurate

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Some people pull good stuff while others don’t because of what odds are. It’s basic probability.


I hate to read that it’s a matter of chance or basic probability. Some accounts are privileged over others. Do you accept that you leave the game? I took the part of laughing after having had many disappointments and a lot of money given to scopes


Some accounts are definitely more Lucky than others. I don’t care what they say.


Meh, I don’t know. Been playing for months on my tablet and have always pulled 4*s, then created an account on my phone and got 2 5 stars and 2 Ascendables right off the bat, no money spent. It’s all in the RNG, and even that isn’t very constant… at all.


Are you judging this based off of all the 6* people post here in the forums? If so, that’s definitely not an accurate way to judge your luck in pulls.


I am based on a 2-year experience of the game. I play with 2 players for 1 year and more, and I found that the player A had a chance multiplied by 40 to have the character in promotion compared to other. when shiva yellow came out the first time, he made 1 draw at 40 and got it right away, I made 120 draws to have it. And this is just an example .


What I find interesting is that most players thing the ‘other side’ is always more lucky. Free to play think the spenders have luckier pulls to reward their spending. Spenders think free to play always get luckier pulls.


Also, people are more likely to brag about draws like you are seeing vs getting all 4*s (which the odds dictate)
It’s like how everyone hears about a lottery winner, not the millions of people who lost (or how many tickets they had to get to win.)


Some accounts can be luckier, but certainly no proof that they’re rigged compared to others.

Just like how some people can get lucky at the lottery, while 99% other people aren’t.


I’m f2p and I certainly don’t think that. Spenders aren’t more lucky than the rest of us, they just spend until they have the said toon or one that will satisfy them. F2ps spend the few coins they might have got from Leagues or the World Map, nothing more. Therefore their chances of being “lucky” are much, much smaller.


This is why most sports leagues have salary caps… so the games are more balanced and interesting.


I do not agree. You have to call a cat a cat. Some accounts are privileged. They are not faked just privileged.


Assuming old odds of simply getting a 6*, that guy had a 1% chance to get a 6* from 1 pull, while you had a 36.28% chance of getting exactly 1 6* from 120 pulls.

So yea, 63% chance that you didn’t get Shiva(or any other 6*) is still a relatively huge chance.


This 1% chance, he has it to all the draws :joy::joy::joy:


No he doesn’t, or else he’d be posting about getting 40 5/6*s from 40 pulls.

You’re trying to determine that there are rigged accounts simply based on the outcomes, rather than precedent factors of those accounts.


Pray to RNGesus, and He may help you.


Big spenders never divulge how many pulls they needed to appear lucky. I know whales who routinely spend $500 or more on premier pulls, yet post like they just hit the lottery on a single pull…


Buying your toons is the definition is the definition of a whale.


That’s kind of what kind of what I said…