Seems Lanier Region has a cheater!


Our crafting faction had someone jump in and start attacking other territories which is not allowed and revealed him self an out right cheater.

how do i report this blatant cheat.


If the faction is open to everyone it’s not cheating, anyone can enter the faction & do as they please.


Look at the winning team.


Good luck, they wont do anything


Is the team he beat all lvl 1 reds?. If those are maxed 2*s it could happen?


Only reason I ask is that I have used crappy toons to defend territories before.


He seem like very skillful player.


Don’t think the 2* would even need to be maxed, just have good weapons, 2* strong v alert 5* lvl 1 tier 1 the greens would one shot them probably.


The team he beat is a leveled 5* team. The player that won is not a og player and at this point would not have op weapons.



Thats a s9++ ray team, easy to get.

Definitely cheated


This should be dealt with ASAP…


Atleast 10 people have already reported him. I messaged shane but thats a toss up lol


If he has stun weapons and those are level 1 epics maybe he did beat you but it seems he has taken no damage so prob cheat.


I have seen the attacks he killed tier 4 5s with weapons with 2 rays with default weapons definite cheat


There was no mighty stun or devine revive intervention just some loser with a computer that want to win at all cost. Thus ruining the game for legit players that put in the time and effort required to reach a top level in thier region.


Yup, even if he stunned his whole team over and over (highly unlikely), one shot can kill a ray.


Why are people even contemplating a defence, no 2* can beat a 5*…unless you are so newb to believe thats not a hack


He is also in Worth region.

from a multi region chat I’m in