Seemingly wildly unpopular league format

We are near the end of the first season after a major change to how leagues work. The members of this forum have been pretty vocal that it was not a great change.

How does it stand up outside this forum? Are there any surveys of the broader player base?

Am I right in generally summarizing grievances as it being too expensive (resources and cash) to be competitive and as such rewards being less generous than in the past.

I’ve been thinking about what I would do if I had a magic wand to change the league. All I really can come up with is to remove the competitive aspect, and basically treat it as a very long milestone like experience that rewards active players.

I recognize that removing the competition is really a reversal of the core changes meant to encourage competition, especially at the top ends.

I don’t really know how to reconcile the gulf between letting the top players wail on each other and giving the much larger “average” player base a chance to grab some nice rewards.

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Well, taking that into account, a very good change could be to make leagues minimize the ranks of players who cannot be promoted, or failing that make the whole league of promoted players, the difference would be in the rewards nothing else, it would be something interesting, nobody loses, everyone wins :grin:

I will go ahead and say the season wasn’t a total loss. Total credit to scopely for trying, I see what they were going for and I like the idea. Not every idea makes a perfect landing every time. Maybe some tweeks would improve the experience for the vast majority.

I will also say I like the toon as a reward. Not everyone will use Jason, and not everyone will finish that collection, but it was a fun reward that might get some use somewhere.

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El dilema fue que ellos dijeron
“Las ligas son el medio donde se consiguen monedas y queremos mejorarlo para que consigan mas monedas”
Y de 700 monedas como minimo en platino y ~750 en diamante a ganar solo 400 monedas.
tambien se miro reducido el numero de anillos al aumentar la cantidad de jugadores en la division

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I personally doubt Jason will get any usage from most players, he is the modern Kapoor imo, except when Kapoor was released there were very very few Sclass around - so Jason will see even less use.

Easy fix is to give more rings and gold so more are available further down the ranks. Before most players usually had to choose whether to game the system and go for rings or play to the system and go for gold. This time pretty much all players who don’t invest heavily in arena tickets are getting far less of both.


I wanted to try the new leauge before giving my honest opinion…and the conclusion i reached is i am not gonna play this game as much as i used to …


It would have gotten use if it didn’t take a ton of level up materials to level. Because of that, no… he won’t get use.

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I liked Jank’s idea (think it was his, apologies if not) to have a promotion zone and a double promotion zone at the top of a league to acelerate the widening of the pack


Title very unpopular

There are two grievances with the competition:

  • it’s way too aggressive early on, before the ultra-competitives separate out. The double promo would address this issue, though not sure how it would work out on their end
  • it’s way too big - competing against more than 50 opponents (while currently you compete against 150+) is making you fight RNG opponent selection more than actual opponents for the scores. If you don’t get a perfect/viable opponent pool in domination arena’s, it’s much more reasonable to simply pick the bottom 5 for an assured win (for rewards drop from single battles) and try again. Going against 200 players in endurance is not a competition for skill or merit, but competition for ticket spending… This holds true even for 40 opponents, of course, but it doesn’t get out of hand with top30 being 3M scores a normal player has no option to keep up with
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I think that has been a bit better since they widened the pools. But it could also be that I’m in higher leagues now so there’s less variance in the pools

The whole thing is based around being competitive. As you said it was designed to encourage competition.

I don’t have a problem with competition I just want to compete with people on my level. Not big spenders who have 2 traders on nearly every arena team.

By shoving everyone down in gold and making us fight to get higher all they’re doing is ruining the experience for everyone except the very top players. But they’re the only players Scopely care about.

I’ve said before I don’t think the old system was that great either. A system that rewards you more for not trying very hard isn’t a good one. It was getting stale.

But they could find a balance between the two.


its not designed for competition its designed for spending.

The way it is set up they are hoping for all of the people that will spend mega $$ on arena tickets etc all get funnelled into the same league together and then they have a spend off

And scopley sits back and laughs saying “look at these idiots, they are spending xxx amount for a couple of rings”


Thats also why balance can never happen, it’s in the design from inception

I had a decent enough time tbh. Was fun to compete for promotions and plan the season. There were some spenders in most weeks, but some clever play could easily get you to Diamond 1 or maybe 2, only Diamond 3 was really hard (and I never cared enough to get to D4/5 in the old system.

The TWD no have any copetitive way ,its only"you spend more ,you get all",games like twd never need one competitive thing because its only spend and get the toon or top prizes,FPS games or MOBA,Beatle royale games have ways to have some rank and copetitive ways ,scopely nerver do what the players want.

Arena tickets give one of the better values of any of their offers. They unlock:
-Gold through league placement and championship placement
-A boatload of armoury tokens
-Promotion and the prizes that go with it
-Blowtorches and high level crafting equipment
-More tickets through more runs

If you buy 10 lots of the tickets it generally gives you ~23/24 tickets (used to be far more then Scopely clocked onto this), plus another 6 or 7 ticket drops from these drops and a further 1 or 2 drops from those tickets that dropped themselves. These allow you to get to 30+ entries on top of the original 5 and will usually win you ~10 golden tickets with milestones (far more in earlier leagues). This also unlocks a further 6 tickets during the week which means your champions tickets will usually take you to the 50 for a further 4 tickets.
This also nets you at least ~1500gold from league placement and champions placement. Plus scores and scores of rings.

So if you play it right, for under 20pounds, you get guaranteed promotion, more gold than that amount of money would get you from a straight gold offer, tons of rings, blowtroches, top crafting parts and the purple league token milestones from all the entries.

It’s the best value for money in the game, hands down.

Not sure I should have let on to that on the forum… but I like the idea of equality :slight_smile: :wink:

Makes sense, but you fked me at £19.99 don’t you know I’m F2P🤗


Haha fair play. But definitely the best value for anyone who does pay.

are you saying that in order to stay competitive in leagues, you have to drop 20$ every week on arenas?

I had a hard time convincing myself that 20$ on the BP key was a good deal and that is like 6 weeks long…

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