Seeking Team Advice

I have had so many new Blue toons over the last month that I am struggling to get them all levelled and rushed up. With the arrival of Eric I feel like I could change up my Def team.

Any feedback welcome:

Current Team:

New Team:

Possible Team 1:

Possible Team 2:

So many hard hitting yellows why go blue?

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Remove Glenn insert Solange. Or if you want a command line command put him in barkers place.

Yeah I want to keep Glenn as his command and rush can be tricky. Agree that Barker is a weak link…he just looks like such a useful toon but I guess in reality not so much.

Good call, maybe I will include Solange then as a semi-attack def toon.

Not predictable on defense. More so on offense. Think he will be okay left in and no Glenn. Worth testing atleast.

Definitely worth testing, will slot in Solange instead and see how she goes. Thanks @Wanderer !

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