Seeing who chose a Faction Assault Boss

Sorry if this is answered somewhere else already and/or is really obvious. I just couldn’t find it for some reason.

I am the leader of a faction and another leader chose a way easier boss to battle, thus wasting tickets for most everyone. Is there a way to see who chose the last boss? I can’t seem to find it.

Sadly you can’t. They should add this option just as how someone declares war

No there is no way to see

Can you see who attacked the Boss first? More than likely it was probably the person who chose that Boss. Or look to see which of your other leaders has the most points.

Good idea if you’re early in fa boss then see which leader has the most points

That is a great question. Sadly, I was asleep when it happened. Another leader brought it to my attention only after I woke up and it was over. Since it was a lower level boss, they wiped it out too quickly to investigate when it was happening, but it is a great tip for the future. So, thanks!

You may want to rethink some of your co-leaders if one is starting FAs that are not benefiting the faction and not grown up enough to own up to it, because I’m assuming you’ve asked everyone and they’ve all said “wasn’t me”. And also making sure some rules are enforced so that even if it is a lower level boss, people are not going nuts and screwing others out of getting a chance.

If u cant trust yr leads demote them and they cant pick a boss. Who ever picked it should be upfront and also should discuss before choosing.

Someone is getting kicked for this

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