Seeding promotion


Any response why the number keeps changing? We started with 3 in promotion zone to Diamond, when I passed #3 it opened to 4 players for a couple days, now back down to three.


Wonder if there are a certain number of seats so there is a floated that moves around based on total scores. So it appears we are competing with but with flex seat(s) to help if a group is beastly high vs a different group.

Something like 3 garanteed then x flex seats across all groups.


Keep seeing this in mine and a few others in my faction.
Can we get a reason why @JB.Scopely as to why


I’ve seen people with 4 or 5 making the diamond League and all were scoring less than 1st in another. Whatever it is, it isn’t relative to other leagues

Edit: this thread was a good example:


Mine has fluctuated also…


My guess is it depends on the total number of people in your seeding pool, a certain percentage will be promoted to each league.


Sensible suggestion. But i think it’s been noted to fluctuate which would suggest it’s perhaps not that


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