Seeding after season 1


Will there be a seeding week after season 1 or factions will continue in the same league where they finished s1?
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Thought I heard no re-seeding.

Imo sucks without ability to move faction and maintain progress especially with some events now matching per league ranking.

Imagine a diamond 4 having to move through bronze. Oh boy.


He said no in another chat for the next Season. It could possible happen at a later date.


that would be the case with us :sob:


Doing it now. The poor bronze people.


Its golden. Our opponents just did that :x Yep it sucks :confused:


One option i see here is to allow the moving of the faction itself not just individual players. Just like individual retain their rank when transfering, in theory, transferred factions could retain their rank as well.


There will be another seeding in s2 but only intra league afaik. for example if you happen to be in platinum 4 you ll be in platinum next season aswell and in seeding you ll end up in one of the sub platinum leagues.


Is there no way to keep your league position after transferring your faction? I mean they sell the whole faction transfer for 10k coins. I would expect you keep your league rank if you do so.


Honestly by doing this all you are encouraging is people to keep jumping regions. I say keep it as it is. Let people work their way up. It’s not a solution for the region hoppers but will serve to discourage some…


yes that’s how they try to keep factions jumping from one region to another and causing imbalance everywhere.


Yep its a good measure against that, but in our case we would like to switch because of drama and douchebaggery


yea we just moved to a new region lately, we made it to diamond league in our last week in the old region now we are in bronze 2, i made them aware of this issue and move a week early so we can make to silver 1 in the new region and in next season’s seeding we can start in highest sub silver league and can move to gold 1 in next week. By doing that we will save 4 weeks of time compared to moving 1 week late because if we had moved one week late we will be stuck in bronze league in next season’s seeding. So if you move now you ll be in bronze next season.


You can move up one division per stretch and can be promoted to the next league. So we will move during qualifying and start next season as Bronze leagus division 5. After the next stretch we will be promoted to silver leagus division 1. Based on the weeks we will end in gold leagues division 1 (6 weeks of moving up)


If im not mistaken with my calculations, we would need season and a half to be back in diamond :frowning_face::sob::sob:


If you even decided to stay for the next season


The same thing happens when top fac splits and starts new fac in the same region, right? They have to start from scratch. Painful.


yes if you move now you ll end up starting in bronze 4 next season and you ll go up to gold 3 in that season. Then in 3rd season you ll start in gold 4 and can go up to diamond 3 by the end of it so i’d suggest you go on the last stretch to get the best of the faction league rewards while you are in diamond since there is no benefit going now considering league wise.


Thanks for the info and suggestions peeps, much appreciated…will be a pain to come back to diamond but it will be worth going out of this cesspool


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