Seeding after region transfer

After region transfer, the individual league seedings seems to be broken in a number of different ways.

  1. No updates are taking place at all to the scores
  2. When looking at your profile, the points seem to be updating there but the ranking is based solely on points earned in the new region.
  3. This seem crazy but, the leaderboard lists all of the results twice if you scroll down past bronze (and neither set is updating).

no… no… dont say this… im planning to move after sr… noooooo

I transferred with ~2 days left on league. It was showing me in 10th with 85k+ points in platinum tier. When league finished and awards came out, I received gold rewards and was placed in gold seeding. Scopely support has yet to reply.

I went from platinum to the bottom of bronze transferred a few hours ago. This is utter crap. @JB.Scopely

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