Securing account

I have played this game for 6 months so far and im wondering if there are ways to secure my account in case i lose it. I am currently on an iphone xr and it is not secured by facebook. I saved my account code already however.

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Facebook is the easiest way. I created a burner Facebook just for gaming.
Or if you made a purchase save your receipt. If you are completely ftp and haven’t linked to fb then you could be sol if you lose your game.

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ok thanks man

Bonjour et depuis la dernière mise à jour, on peut lier son compte jeu à Apple… ou a Facebook ;))

Translation from the last guy

Hello and since the last update, you can link your game account to Apple… or Facebook;))

Make a purchase in the game. The device you’re playing on will someday die, and then having previously linked it to Facebook can help you get it to a new device. But if that Facebook transfer doesn’t work (and there are numerous posts where people have problems with the transfer), you’re going to need to contact support and they need a receipt to help you move it to the new device. Think of it as a 99 cent insurance policy that if you need support you’ll be able to get it.


did u purchase anything on the game

if not please do so. atleast 99 cent thing or do free member subscription. i lost my account due to not purchasing anything on the game two days ago.


They said the Free Membership doesn’t work for trying to prove that it’s your account. But I haven’t found where it’s posted at yet.


I never spent money on anything but i did use the free survivors club trial already.

I’ll pay for something maybe, something very cheap for sure

Buy the arena tickets, its $5 and you will use them at some point.

So just make a Facebook account and link it? There’s a way to link it with your iPhone Apple ID

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How’d you lose it?

I just few hours ago got it back . That was so hard to make them convince that it’s my account since i didn’t have any purchase receipt

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so no need purchase receipt at least, thats cool. Good to hear u got your account back too

u need it i was lucky cause the support member was nice to me. i met almost 6-7 people and no one told that they will recover my account. but only one was up for it. try to do atleast free membership thing where u can get the receipt

Oh, anyways my dad said its secured in my icloud. So, the only way for me to lose my acc is i lose my icloud account which is never happening

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Hey all,

I would strongly suggest the following:

  1. Apple Linking
  2. Facebook linking as well - there was a suggestion to make a “burner” facebook above, just for game linking. If you aren’t comfortable linking your regular Facebook account, this will work for helping you to restore your account
  3. Customer Support does accept the receipt from the free trial of Survivors Club for account recovery
  4. Finally, as a recommendation: If you get a new device in the future, make sure you migrate your TWD:RTS account to your new prior to wiping your old device just in case there are any unforseen delays/issues in getting your account migrated!



Thank you for the info!

I was so happy that I got my account back after loosing my phone. I didn’t remember what Facebook account was linked and the helped me get it back very quickly! Scopelys customer service has been very helpful for many things for me.

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