Secret regions?


My friend installed the game and got put into this region that doesnt show up on my list and she doesnt have the option to go to any other regions. Wtf is this about scopely


Hm true, it doesn’t show up. That’s strange! (Maybe they added some restrictions for new players to change region?)


That’s Odd. Maybe something to do with increasing the populations of dying regions?


Theres another region named Blount that is the same way. Theres probably plenty more like that where scopely takes peoples money but never opens the region up, ultimately leading to a dead region. Makes no sense for them to lock new members into a region that nobody else can join


My wife tried to make an account to play with me and had the same issue but she was allocated to a different region to the OP but similiarly doesn’t have any other regions in her region list (Blount in her case)


Maybe et her to message support and ask if she can change to your region. I don’t see any reason why players shouldn’t have a choice about where they play.


She did message support and they sent her here to the forums lol


My region, bullock, was like this until Friday, now it is opened up. I can see all regions and others can join our region. I believe they keep new regions locked so others with huge prestige csnt come in and dominate the region right off. They give the region a couple months to grow. I also got the rub around from support and even emailing support. I wanted to join my friends in another region. They wouldn’t transfer my account and wouldn’t give me a clear answer as to why it was locked


Thanks, that makes sense - might just have to wait it out then for my missus to be able to join


We have same problem in schley…is locked and we have a lot of inactive peoples… :expressionless:


lol this happened to Chilton


Would still be nice if people could transfer out without having to contact support :slight_smile:


I can confirm that Blount region is the same way. I play in Quitman on my tablet and installed the game on my phone to help my faction but when I got through the tutorial so that I could link my accounts I found I was in Blount and it is most certainly a new region so now I play both lol. I’m finding a reinvigorated sense of the game playing on that region