Secondary method to obtain Zhu aside from the event

Just got an email from skybound where if you pre-order the typhoon book you can get Zhu in-game.


Wow i will dominate rts:twd with two shiny zhu:s


Will it come though that is the big question.
Sky bound Rick took almost a year for most many more never got him.

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I actually want the book cause well zombies but i dont care for Zhu at all but i guess this is a cool add on and it sure as hell beats giving scopely money for this event, so anyone who really wants Zhu, buy the book, reading is good and you get Zhu without giving scopely money since we are all just filthy opportunist buckets


Yes! Now with two you can almost camo the whole team!!


thats optimistic of you, we all know the same 2 will get camo over and over


Lol so true

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What’s a player ID? The account code?
That’s very confusing.

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Thanks for rendering all the incomplete grind for Zhu totally meaningless, Scopes.

The mail say he is exclusive so damn you if you to get him from the event…

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So, if you can get Zhu only by buying a book the whole event in the game mean nothing right? A lot of effort for nothing? Damn

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What is this and and how do I get involved?

I thought the thing that Zhu have on his neck was a camera

The email had the image in multiple parts, here’s the full one.

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Far better option for this event. Got the email also. Love buying first editions and other that a couple extra dollars for shipping (if you don’t order it via Amazon) it is worth it. Hopefully Skybound will deliver.

rump-image Scopely when people have Zhu early from buying the book.


This is an idea that goes back to something @Parker said a while ago about this event and whether the publishers would have any comments for Scopely.

Has anyone tried contacting skybound to say that Zhu in the current meta is decidedly sub-par and is unlikely to be used? Doesn’t seem like a great add on.

If Scopely aren’t listening to the player base, maybe they’ll listen to skybound?


prolly camo those which have camo already, cancelling the camo out

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