Second wanderer worth it?


Already have wanderer but have another one in my depot currently for extreme sale. Should I get him or nah? Also anyone know if Maggie appears only in the prestige 12 and 13 slots?


Nope and Yep.

Fantastic that with so few legacy ascendables they keep picking the ones that you can only get by being a spender thus you won’t actually need or use her because we already know she will be terrible like all the “f2p” ascendables are when compared to the premiere recruits.

The others require luck or that you picked one up as an event reward. Like Knoxx, Dwight, and Rose. Thus leaving one actual f2p over the next 6-months. What a joke.


Wanderer is a boss against Carl teams. That rush nullifying multiple Shivas, Glenn, Koa is great. Wouldn’t run two though, I’d prefer to pair with another hard hitting red which offers something different (e.g. Mirabelle)


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