Second training ground tutorial bug

When i try to build the second training ground(part of tutorial) my game crashes. I tried clearing cashe and data and uninstalling the game, nothing works.
My phone is xiaomi redmi note 4.
Thank you

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Message me your account code and I’ll look into this getting fixed


Ok ill send it to you

You should be good to go!


Thabk you

Bravo @CombatMan :+1:t3:

That’s the way to offer support @kalishane


Eu também estou com esse problema! @CombatMan meu código de conta é WCD-MHF-CMF

That issue still occuring for you? I’d been out of office, and your save looks to be fine with regards to this issue.

I’m having the same problem @CombatMan . Can you help me too?

Im facing same problem atm, can you help me too?. Quite stressful. Really glad if you could.thx

CombatMan hasn’t been seen on the forums in six months. Have you opened a ticket with support? What was their response?


Thank you for the fast response. And suggestion. I just Sent a msg to the support. Waiting 24 hours for the response. Wish my problem could solved asap. Thx

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Been 5 days. Theres response but no sollution yet up until now…if theres any effective way so my issue can be solved?. Need armory, scav and TG badly… :grinning:

Hello combat man. I have 2nd training bugs also.almost two weeks. Can u help me. No actuon fr support. So really hope you could help me