Second SC Orange Quill

I am currently a SC member and I received a free orange quill at the start of the event. I have logged on to the game now and I have another offer for a free quill.

I was under the impression that we only get one quill per mission so 3 in total? My question is are we now getting a free quill everyday much like the gold radio? I am one of the fortunate people to already collect the required letters for 3 arrows so I don’t need further letters this mission so if i collect this offer now will I receive one during the next mission timeframe? Worried if i dont collect I during the the expiry time then it will not return when actually need it as i know they do not roll over.


Well, I think there’s some error there, to be fair. Forum and blog stated that SC members get a free one per segment. Problem is that if you claim it, it will be lost when passing to the 2nd segment. The only reason to claim it is keeping an eye on the premium roadmaps as I recall seeing people here that got a bag with a quill for completion of said roadmap. So by not opening the bag, maybe you can “carry” it to 2nd segment.
Am I right, @GR.Scopely @LadyGeek ?

looks like it will expire before the next segment starts

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