Seasons Greetings

I feel like I was truly hogged tied & slapped silly for this seasons greetings

There goes my Andrea riding away on a donkey…I guess 100 ST, A Lilth & 10 Burts should make it all better.



Survival tokens = 4* pull, keep on surviving.


I guess they’re talking about a season in which players are greeted to more smarmy practices by our humble overlords at Scopely HQ. There must be some legal reason why they dole out insulting “apologies” when they know they’ve truly screwed up.

There we go my boi! There is the “SMMFH”!!

Very generous, Scopely! /s

scopely: dear playersbase, we fųckėd you hard with no lube, here’s a tissue…

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Less then 10 dollars to buy :joy::joy::joy:

That’s what a player base is worth

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