Seasons extented?

why does it last for 12 weeks now ?

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Probably was extended for the rest of the year. Due to holidays.

12 weeks of suffering


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I would like a answer to this myself.

8 weeks from now is Dec 23. Scopely basically shuts down for the last 2 weeks of the year every year.

Plus hopefully they considered WoC and coordinating transfers with the transition to the new season.

Edit: holy carp only 58 days until Christmas?!


that makes sense.

I hope we get some awesome events upcoming. But it makes sense. I work in administration at the hospital and we have to have all our billing and stuff in by the end of the year. As with the new year starts a new billing cycle. So I can see them taking time off to get it together for the new year to come. Hopefully , they’ll have a lot of good things in store

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kids man they’re the best resource. They use mommy and daddy’s card

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Think about that.