Seasons 4 league character

Anyone see this yet 35129694-27F6-454E-8D22-FECEE4615E73-15495-00001FB1D3861415 953260C3-11F1-48A1-8EAC-13F9553C5D94-15495-00001FB1D8059960 F781852E-4BF0-4070-89C1-66C193BCBFCF-15495-00001FB1E1879E5F


Old news but thanks , still waiting for confirmed S3 toons


That’s be in a crate for 0.1% chance.

This one has been floating around


Can’t wait to see what outrageous methods Scopes will dream up to make us spend money even on Leagues. Probably something like unique gear requirements :triumph:


Probably… :smiley:


Sounds like you don’t have to spend for those, though.


Scopely’s face modeling is awful on this guy lol, it looks like there is something ■■■■■■■ wrong with him

what it is that it’s so hard to get gear to level the toons, there is no point in having any season 3 toons and we go straight to season 4

You will see them in the league store, dont spend just save up a bit.

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We been knew sis

So we need to use the only currency that lets us get 6-star gear now for caps and jackets too?

Can’t wait to see how many are required and how much they are going to cost. You know the answer is a crapload for both. Bravo! :clap:


BUY ONE TOP FOR 10k RESTOCK takes 2 weeks. images%20(1)



They saw they were making some $ on people refreshing season store (for gear / mods), and figured they could make more $$$ if there wasn’t other avenues or stockpiles of gear people could use for the season characters.

Introduce new gear item, only sold in store, and nobody has any yet. Make it cost a bunch and throttle progress so ‘incentiveize’ people to pay.

For their next trick, they will actually convince people to be grateful and thank them for being so generous by adding these to survival club, or put in offers in the coming weeks so people could get around the new barrier. (trust me… it WILL happen)


Looks like im skipping s3 as s4 has the stat boosted toons, no point going for weak ass gen 1 shawn

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They got the stat boost but they are trash lol still taking a break from s3

Trash ■■■■■■■ toons what is the ponit

Because they are not trash

If you dint work it out each season of toons has gone down waste not is ■■■■■■■ shit so is slow toons. and now we have to use new gear that takes forever to restock…

they can s@@@@@ck my hard c@ck

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