Seasonal Diamond League Reward

After last season’s epic disappointment - has scopely learned their lesson? Will ‘increased League competition’ actually lead to some prize at the end of the season for those who bothered to compete?

Seasonal diamond league reward ? How greedy can you be ? 700-800 coins per week is not enough ?


Greedy? We all know who’s really greedy. There should always be a reward for players dedicated enough to grind for Diamond League, they’re RTS’s most loyal players. We need some light at the end of the tunnel. Carrot on a stick, capiche?


Greedy? Dude you got to play the top 10 to get coins i dont even want to move up in division its so messed up. And please 600-800 after a week of grinding is trash especially if you are in diamond. Might stay low plat just to be sure im getting coins.


Ummmm… everyone in diamond gets coins, not just top 10… but yes there should still be extra benefits to finishing the season in diamond (and no I’m not just sayin that cuz I’d get something, yes I never dropped below D3 but I deleted the game on Sunday)

Have to agree with you there @Imwinning I was able to tier 4 3 of my toons including disarm Bruce so mine hadn’t been a disappoint and for the first time I have been in platinum 4

was it really “epic”? I mean, in the scale of disappointments, I am fairly sure that the lack of a diamond league exclusive prize at the end of Season 2 was probably firmly in the “mildly infuriating disappointment” category at best.

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