Season Store update

Is it to soon for us to be talking about what we want to see in the Season Store update? There is a great thread about having collection bag available with S class Items. But there is also some Characters I would be interested in getting.

Green Mike - with the Survival Road update I think Mike would benefit a lot of players on the Walker stages, the update has been great fun, but some players need a Mike or Gator to tip the balance back in their favour a bit more.

A New Threat Dwight - Again another useful Survival Road Character, there seems to be a shortage of Blue Crit leaders, this would help with that, Or even a 5 star blue Crit leader would be good.

Is there any Toons in particular you guys would like to see?


Please add Green mike. I barely see him in combat.


Mike ftw

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I think Mike is very good to become f2p, but would be great to have him no doubt.
Also, I really want so much the blue Barker, absolutely underated toon.

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Who is Mike?


What about a choice box of 500 on each slot? I’d give up on those shitty toons for collectibles tbh


I agree, I’d love to have Mike in the store

Mike would be good, but i think 6* Alice would be good.

they should also have rare 5* like Kay, Green riot Tyreese, and indominatable red Andrea.

Please also ad the new 6*(s) signature weapon. Like how it was in the first store


Adding 6 stars almost seems to be a waste since the S class are dropping every 2 weeks


I agree with Tyresse around 500% and Andrea would also be Nice since I still want her.

dude they could totally hook up and do taxes together

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I got a lucky and got the green prison tyrese from the TG. I thought he was the 4* and was ready to use him as fodder until I saw his rarity

Oh, that Mike, scopely doesn’t like to give ppl chances at less than a year old toons , though

Doubt he sold at all so there is chance

Hay @GR.Scopely can you ask the team if we can have Mike included in the next season store? Cheers

Toons I would like to see is green mirabelle disarm and dale personally as the both benefit free to play as I am still using green Glenn and blue suffix as commands they are both gen1 6*

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Would be great to add territory refills like we have hordes refills in the store to considering we keep getting events @JB.Scopely

What are some 6* existence who has started to cease. Hina, Mike, and Others. I haven’t seen Hina or mike in a raid.

put choice box and each of collectibles for s class toons items are 1000

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