Season store-Mia's pistol

Is it worth buying this weapon?

Yes imo. Team player great craft option


thanks.I think that will suit good with the new sclass kenny.I am only thinking to buy it when i see what staff new season store will have

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I think it’s very expensive. But the 4th slot is nice though. Could save you some armory tokens.

I don’t really run reds so I’ll probably skip it


but if we use ap doc the third slot ruins the ap gain, and we cant sacrifice 5 percent of attack or def for just to replacing that

It’s definitely one of the best red weapons out there.
However I will wait until I see the next season store before decide if I wanna spend 90k tokens for it .
The price is just too much

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Too expensive for a non meta weapon. Don’t worth the cost.

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No. Plus mia is ugly so

Its ideal in the trait swap arena where Docs are butchered turn 1 every time by the blue meta. Guo instead of Doc ensures the T2 team and the fact that it’s not huge or v.large means he won’t usually be giving the 60% to himself.
Plus the 3rd slot doesn’t mess it up in this situation since you have extra control since you are giving the ap turn 2 so you can fill up a toons ap bar by attacking before you activate Guo if you don’t want that toon to get it.
Works a dream for me anyway in trait and draft.

whatttttt your only asking if this is good now ? you should of brought this the day it came out

I think most people are buying the Pistol mainly for the 4th slot (Team Player 15/35). I personally would craft for a new 3rd slot. You’re right about the current 3rd slot potentially ruining Doc’s AP gains.

Well, normally you get to see the new season store after the old one is gone, so… How do you want to purchase the weapon then?

With the new S Class Kenny I think it’s definitely worth buying now. Still rather expensive but it couldn’t hurt to have.

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Not like there hasn’t been official posts on the forums on the new league stores ahead of time a few times right? Not to mention VK usually leaks it a day or two before…so better question is where have you been?


Nah i bought it for the new axel lead and it works great. Doesn’t interfere with doc giving so to the 2 toons u want at all. 20% isn’t more than 2 attacks with huge ar.

No, I’ve not seen relevant official updates describing in detail what will be available in the store.

And I prefer not to look at anything VK related. Mere visiting of their site or propagating screenshots is promoting their illegal services. I want Scopely to communicate better, not supplement the lack of info through a 3rd party breaching the ToS…

Legit just go in the search and put in “season 10” or “season 11” and official threads pop up with all the info so yea…they have been communicating…

Well, this is what I found:

Season 10 characters

  • S-Class Ivanova
  • 5* Ascendable Tye
  • 5* Ascendable Elodie
  • 5* Ascendable Zander

No info about S-class Ivanova available, no cost no stats, nothing.
The next time they did communicate the cost, but not the stats of the new weapons…


  • The Season 11 Season Token store has been modernized for S-Class content and will now include the following:

  • NEW Season 11 Exclusive Weapon “Jason’s Assault Rifle” (60,000 Season Tokens)

  • Mia’s Pistol – Five Star Weapon – (90,000 Season Tokens)

  • Up to 2,500 Tiffany Cards (5,000 Season Tokens per 500 Cards)

  • Up to 2,500 Princess Cards (5,000 Season Tokens per 500 Cards)

So, I stand by my original comment:

Again, relying on VK leaks is not a normal venue that should ever be endorsed…

There was a lot of negativity about this weapon if I remember, got this day one and its been a brilliant wee weapon pretty much guarantees adjacent crit damage to big attackers. Great attacking weapon.

The negativity was with the Jason rifle. Again especially because of leaked stats that were akin to a sub-standard 4* weapon. Scopely took it back to the drawing board and made it usable (not good, but usable - extremely expensive still).

Mia’s weapon was universally viewed as great and good to have, but not at such a steep price

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