Season points carry over



Will season 1 unspent points carry over to next season? Or Will they reset?

I’d like an 100% guaranteed answer if that’s a possibility. @JB.Scopely

Do league store trophies reset?
League tokens carry over

Yes, it’s been stated many times.


Why don’t you go back and actually look. It’s been said plenty. It’s not hard.


Go back where?


Through the threads.


give me a link


The original post

Had this info:

Coins, Season Tokens, and League Tokens will be awarded at every league for players, assuming you participate in both solo and faction leagues, so everybody has a chance to earn great prizes over time.

League and Season Tokens will persist across seasons, so any unused Tokens at the end of a Season will carry-over into subsequent seasons.


there is a search button you know right? Bookmark function for these kind of post to go and look back right?


Grr how dare he/she


Thank you for the info. And I didnt know I could search lol.


The next question is: could we expect Mirabelle and Ezekiel to be available again after the timer is over
@JB.Scopely ?

Maybe players have not enough tokens to get them at the end of the season, but maybe they’ll be able after 1st week of season 2.


Probobly yes but in premier recruits/whells events etc


They are most likely only going to be available via Leagues until season 1 is over. Then they’ll most likely be put into some event wheels or something.


Since their characters are titled ‘Leagues Season 1’, I would expect that they will only be available in the leagues store for this first season. Then, I would expect them to be completely unavailable for at least a few months before they show up elsewhere - kind of like how ascendable Dwight was unavailable anywhere until about 8 months after his event and Rick Rise to Power is still unavailable 7 months after his event.


Seeing how sr depot still has doc stevens, jesus & zeke my guess is yes…those will be the only toons in league store available until a year later…this is their pattern of releasing new content.


It says season 1 in the name-there are new league toons every season


Ok then why can’t they update sr? Thats been around a lot longer & is pretty much the same concept.


@JB.Scopely please consider this


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