Season 8 suggestions

The season store:
The last few seasons, the season exclusive toon has been pretty disappointing. I suggest that there should be a S-Class season exclusive toon that’s higher in price compared to the usual 25k. And if it isn’t a S-Class…it better be one of the best damn gen 2 toons I’ve ever seen.

League store:
I think that the gear quantity shouldn’t have a limit or rather should just be increased. Take horde refills out of the store and put a choice box.
The choice box should consist of:
1 world refill, 1 raid refill, 1 survival refill, 1 territory refill, 1 war refill and 1 horde refill(if they actually put the event on). It should cost 2k league points and be available to buy up to 3 times a week.

The end of season reward:
Since season 1, we’ve been given the same crate everytime at the end of the season(1 of every trainer). It’s usefulness has diminished. I suggest that the goods should be changed.
The crate should consist of 7 choice boxes(since there are 7 S-class toons in the museum right now). The options should be 500 of each S-class collectible. Sure, 3500 sounds like a lot but to get all the characters in the museum it will take 71000 collectibles! Plus each season lasts for about 8ish weeks so it wouldn’t be too big of an advantage.

Feedback is appreciated.


Would be happy with this.

I would say maybe a few less of the collectables just given (say 2000 rather than 3500) and the option of say 5 boxes at 10k purple tokens each for 1000 collectables (of choice). That doubles the amount of Sclass collectables avaliable on what you propose but then costs 50k purple tokens if getting the max. And 7k still doesn’t make a full Sclass. In 8 weeks that wouldn’t be a huge amount if we are wanting the player base to progress to Sclass.
I’d also suggest that all 3 non ascendable spots are replaced with ascendables, 1 of the 2 returning is replaced with the collectables mentioned above, and the other returning is a highly powered ascendable such as Dale/Yellow Alpha/Amber etc.

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One suggestion would be, along the lines of the depots, that once or (if you want to be extremely generous) twice a week ALL gear resets in the league store, so you don’t have to wait until an item is completely out of stock before a reset occurs. That would help immensely with the gear crunch.

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I’d be pretty happy with 2000 collectibles tbh but it’s not like collectibles are distributed well throughout the game in faction events. War gives only a little bit. Fac lv and raid give barely anything, and on top of that only top 3 get collectibles. I like your idea of collectibles in the season store but the amount of collectibles should be decreased along with the price so you’d have enough season tokens to buy toons.

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Or it makes you have to decide which to take, an already made S class for say 50k or the collectables that would make half an Sclass of your choice (5000) for 50k.

Btw I completely agree that there needs to be a far higher distribution of increased number of collectables in milestones and prizes.

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Around 50k season tokens seems like a reasonable amount. If they did do this then they should make more season tokens available. Maybe like a ‘season 8 event’ in the mission tab where you can do simple things like raiding and world missions etc and earn up to maybe 15k season tokens from it. But…it obviously has to be completable by most.

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What would be the point? Another S class for everyone to have? Welcome to the meta of identical f2p defences. Can’t wait.

I’m for S class collectibles instead of League Exclusive toon. Maybe a bag. Or bags with random amount of said collectibles.


Hence why it’d be good to have the choice of collectables as well.

Sorry, written before the edit :stuck_out_tongue:

You make a good point though - the fact that the vast majority of defence teams at S12 seem to have Christa and Kapoor is starting to get really old.


Getting an S-Class from the season store would be great… However considering that these toons needs gear and S-Class needs 5 times the gear, we will be eventually without league points, the gear for 6* is difficult to obtain, so no thank. I preffer an useless 6* toon or a old but usefull 6* toon

Why though? The Sclass at level 1 T1 would still be more useful than a 6star with the same AR and AS. And wouldn’t take the gear to have got the 6 star all the way up to T4 lvl90

Leveling a S-Class is so consuming, last week leveled Priya and I have to refresh the league store items for getting the amount of gear and also burned almost all of my benedicts… They’re powerfull but it takes HUGE amounts of resources and gear.

On the other hand the 6* are less demanding and some of them can give you different ways to control the filed like regina, Nik or Charlie. Plenty used until now…

Or both… Plenty F2P who are still missing rather important skills for their teams to make do and mend for now. Certainly at this time both are valid options to have.


Sure, people would have the same toons on theit defence. But wasn’t it the same with Mirabelle and Carl when the 6* reset happened? Overtime people will have more S-Class toons and defence teams will be more diverse throughout.

Hence: bags of S class collectibles, two returning 6* and three 5*. A thing for each level of players.

I’m a realist and no way a possible League Exclusive toon can be better then S class. Even in form of collectibles. Third 6* serves almost no purpose in the S class meta.

Yup, so why should we face that situation once again? And even then we had two options for leads Carl/Mira and plenty of options for remaining 4 toons.

Now we are talking about a possibility of IDENTICAL F2P teams. With like 4 toons that are the same and the only difference is the 5th toon: Christa/James.

I like the trainer boxes. You should always suggest as well as not instead of. Just cos you don’t want it doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t need it.

I like the non ascendables spot because they always put a museum collection toon. Jesus and Sophia helped a lot this season.

You may ask “as well”, but before we had only seen “instead of”. And there is nothing wrong in being realistic.

Also, I specifically mentioned that there should be a thing for ALL levels of players: S class collectibles, 6* toons, 5* toons. So I don’t get your:

I think the end of season gift should be Chihuahua plushies

Return the old. Lillith bag back
Whoever saidntontake. That away has some serious problems
James has taken me way over a month to get up rush wise
And I also have a lack of gear
What do the bags have
Trainers for rushes
Gear for toons
Trainers for lvl up
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