Season 7 league store choices

I only have 25k tokens. Sophia and Jesus would be good for collection completion but I don’t have Rick or Camilla. And obviously not Stephanie.

Would would be best to get? Are any others obtainable any other way?

none are worth much except camilla


Stuff any might be good with the right Weapon. Such are energized with huge bonus to Ap when taking damage and 35% Def/Hp behind a Lee but she is very niche.

Get Camilla! She is a melee lead and shes great. Rick is ok and could work well behind Camilla with last leagues store Shiva and make a really mean bleed team. Stephine isnt gonna help much imho and i would skip her tbh. I got Camilla, Rick and Jesus and have like 35k tokens left, skipped Sophia since i have her already and skipped Stephine cause she wont help any of my teams any. Camilla is a must have leader tho! She is in 5* tokens tho so if you wanna play the gamble game then go ahead, i think Rick is in prestige tokens wheel also but not sure. Sophia is in 5* tokens. Jesus I’m not sure where he is but these 2 boys in little outfits always show up at my door telling me they know Jesus so maybe they will visit you and help with that. Honestly tho, grab Camilla.

yeah that rick is in the prestige token wheel, along with camilla in the normal 5 star wheel, but a guarentee is almost always better than rng. camilla can pretty much make and break most teams, rick is absolutely one of the most useable gen 1 toons due to high maim plus being a bleed/lacerate with focus on his rush, 75% heal reduction might also be useable if you don’t have a 100% i guess

I grabbed Camilla straight away, no hesitation, Leader skill, all that sweet burn damage… I am still considering Rick - I already have yellow Shiva and Yellow Martinez, so I have effective bleeders as it is, although that maim is so tempting… I intend to hold off on him till the end of the season and make a choice when I see what is coming next.
I also felt the need to grab Monica - She has indomitable which I think is useful, I will use her on Survival road, and I also may have a place for her in my Old School Arena Teams. I felt with Jesus and Sophia that I will end up with them anyway by cashing in tokens, those 2 I felt didn’t offer me anything I needed.
By purchasing Cami you are getting rid of the Luck element which is nice. ( I am now 2 frightened to do any 5 star token pulls however! As I have a feeling on my next pull -boom there she shall be!)
I think I will pass on Steph, until I see what’s around the corner anyway.

Camilla is awesome. You won’t be deceived!

I am personally waiting to compete against a fully leveled Stephanie a few times before I decide to buy her or not. I am not a fan of indomitable so I might pass, we’ll see.

I wouldnt use my leagues tokens to complete a collection though. Save them for usable toons, you’ll complete collections eventually with pulls :slight_smile:

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