Season 7 League Ascendables, Which is most useful?

Season 7 of Leagues is just around the corner and the character list was officially announced with season 7 now having two returning ascendables.

The unique ascendable is Stephanie, a Tough Support character that can potentially be a thorn in the side of a lot of attack teams with her AP control. However it is another Tough Support character and not really what is heavily required at this moment in time.

Which Season 7 Ascendable will be the most useful for you?

  • Stephanie
  • Camila
  • Rick
  • None

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I’ve already got Camila and she is for sure a very good attack leader and solid utility with damage. Steph and Rick is sort of a let down but whatever… Wish I could spend my leauge tokens on Blue Keys. Since S-Class is all that matters or is going to matter in the end.


this fine or what ever ok but i would like to see you say what you think of the changes and promised changes and pc and why the forum is so toxic with anti change trolls and what you will do if or when the september 26 deadline for all promises is not met

this hurt my head a bit, please don’t take any offence :grinning:
I definitely think this season is massive improvement over the last 2 seasons.

Camila is awesome, Steph looks a bit shitty tbh - I will get her and try her but doubt she will be used.

Lol, What?

Camilla, solid lead that will provide me with some diversity in my team comps.

Camila if you don’t have her. If you do another pass.

You still helping scopley with their plans , are you serious ?
All toons are complete sh****
I am going for Earl now , even though I don’t need him

Excuse me but I’m pretty sure that a character with +40 attack and huge bonus when attacking melee lead isn’t exactly shit.


Camila obviously, stephanie is really meh

Rick is the most useful.

I’m happy with rick, I’ve always wanted him because he looks badass and I could never get him from wheels

Camilla the obvious choice.

Stephanie’s not a headliner toon, but I’d say she’s fairly decent for a control if you’re lacking in the ranged department

Rick all I hear is Lockdown saying ‘Roll out your Lacerators for S-Class’. I still won’t beat them but it’ll be a confidence buy at least lol

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Not sure what you are talking about. Plans? this is about the upcoming seasons characters


I still use ‘Rise to power’ Rick in my 8% Ap yellow team and Camilla will be a straight swap for him. Mods and all… wont use Rick ever again lol. Well maybe in arenas :wink: