Season 4 Leaks & Shawn Gameplay

Season 4 characters are here, some people have waited to see them before making a final deicison on Shawn. I did a walkthrough of him with some gameplay to help anyone sitting on the fence.

Also a breakdown of the new characters for Season 4, Charlie and Regina.

Which character do you like the most out of the two?

  • Charlie
  • Regina

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Adding maim to a decap is insult to injury… Imo

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Both are decent but I went Regina as this will be the first opportunity for anyone who arrived post 6*s and Tyreese giveaway to get an all important decap, RNG aside

Don’t talk to me about Road warriors


But you could had got Sandy from the road rage event eeeeeee!


We’re 3 posts in, let’s not crash this thread already lol

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i have tyreese thanks to the depot so i will go with charlie first

I’m gonna be getting both, but Charlie is certainly my first priority.

I want that Regina, she is quite a killer granny.

I just wish it was a new Aiko.


Charlie will work very nice with Michelle. Easy decision on who to buy first.


Might as well use his active skill when his health is below 75% to gaurantee he doesn’t get healed for his AP gain to rush every 2 turns

Why is there no option for none? Seems like a pretty biased poll that will lead to inaccurate results