Season 4 league toon

Just for the people who forgot about this guy, and can anyone translate the weapon stat by any chance?mF2p4dd6ONA LDH8kNbRzFs

100% chance of taunt when health is above 60% or something, there is english version floating about elsewhere on forums

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Much appreciated

no problem!

Look at those stats and that broken weapon lmao he gonna be locked behind gear wall 4 sure


Wonder if it ignore taunt resist///////////// sorta looks like

it shouldnt. with mods and romanovs taunt its a chance it procs and a chance to be resisted. now the weapon procs 100% and still theres a chance the mod resists it. its the way i see it. same with neutralize, mods can resist it.

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Thats how I read it, weapon has 100% chance to proc but mods should still resist that

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he is going to need a special gear to upgrade

I’m scared to think of the toons that will come in the next 2 months if that’s a “free” toon.

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Call me stupid for asking a stupid question, but does that mean a 0% chance of taunt if HP is less than 60%?


seems same as +35 def when hp is more then 60%. when its lower it doesnt proc.

I know who I’m going for next season.

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Oh. For some reason I was thinking we’re on the 4th season now lmao.
Weird they’d make him so early.

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Doubtful, VK also leaked a season 3 toon

I do remember VK leaking Koa and it said his specialist was parting shot (absolute joke) but he got changed right before release. Now he is a very good shield.

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