Season 4 League JB and GR listen to us please!


I’d disagree with that. Faction mates spent a little, didn’t get either one.

A true F2P event is like the current Michelle one going on - all based on milestones. The Road Warrior event was based on tournament rank, which unless you’re in the mythical f2p region, is a pay-to-win event.


Road Warrior event didn’t have any relevance to tournament rank. If you want to be pedantic, it was a F2P event - you just had to settle for Beta or Sophia but both were totally obtainable from hitting event milestones and a little raiding. Bruce and Sandy were effectively only obtainable with a modest spend.


A lot of my f2p faction mates got one of them so maybe your mates didnt try hard enough. :man_shrugging:


I had all 4 of those toons so I didn’t pay much attention to the event, but my faction was pissed at the whole event. I didn’t get into the specifics so you could be right


Yes Sophia and Beta were f2p for sure. My reply was about Bruce and Sandy being f2p which I disagreed with. They definitely were not and even a little spending didn’t guarantee them. You’re right about the tournament rank. I got it mixed up with the Marlon event. Though I’m sure they’ve both been in an event/token wheel too.

Scoplely has never been consistent about how or where to get toons and the cost or lack of to get them.

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