Season 4 League JB and GR listen to us please!


Plese give us back coins!You said season 3 is focusing on gear…where?You didnt give us more leage tokens…
Give us special weapons.
Place decap/dissarm/huge ap for melle character in slot 3.
Plese do it!
Any chance for this?


I like the weapons idea, mostly because I’m a collector.


Totally with you season 3 absolutely sucked big time lol


When the title includes JB but not GR


Is he still out on break? He’s only ever responded to, what, 11 posts?


No clue.


Though to be fair it seems like most CMs I’ve seen here are always on break so :joy:


Fixed.I hope he respond to something…


Funny we’re still tagging gr … This dude is ghost… I want a job at scopely


“Focusing on gear” - makes new gear more expensive than ever.

“Removing coins except for top 3 in diamond for more competition” - people play less to remain in mid plat.

  1. Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Agree
    Just fix the stuff we didnt want it and bring old stuff we want it.


I would personally like a human shield but a decap would be nice maybe blue ty or green chris?


I doubt a human shield since they will still want people to join SC.


For a 5* human shield personally that is a ad deal


I will take it to the team.
But right now i am going to enjoy this tall stack of pancakes.


You will get Aaron and you will like it.


I’ll take gold medals in there 5 a day from sr depot such a slow pace. Or even move the cap up to 2 or 3 crates in day in there


I think it is Time for koa on Slot 3. he is the one most out of date shield from all shield toons.


I could care less about a shield. A disarm, decapitate, or melee ap on attack leader is what’s needed for f2p.


Both sandy and bruce are f2p because they were in a f2p event.