Season 3 store are human shield?

how about toons we can buy on store?who is next?

Just wait 11 days and you’ll see…


Or ppl like know before buying sandy

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Sandy is meh
Problem solved


It is uncertain


Looks like we have clear skies ahead for the next few days with signs of a decap starting to form. Be sure to bring your survival club sheild to be prepared should this materialize over the next several days.

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insert dance gif here


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Ur saying next season we getting a F2P shield?!?!?! Oh my God this is awesome.

Yes. Its a fact

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Hopefully something worthwhile

Probably weak if at all.

It will be a human shield… but it will be the yellow TellTale Michonne, which also won’t be acendable.

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Dont want a human shield…wont help us out vs a gabe/eric/lydia teams a few good atking toons would be nice dont think the player base needs more defensive toons.


I agree @Apex98 too many defensive characters will turn the game into WW1 trench Warfare, all will defend and no one will attack.

(Did I really just compare a mobile game to WW1?)


It will be funny if they add a 6* Shield but now you will need to use the special gear they added before to upgrade it… xD

It would be funnier if the shield was free, and you can get it to T3 easily, but to T4, you’ll need ONE single piece of special gear that costs 100k purple league tokens

Well… I’m getting ready for that possibility… 30k purple league tokens already :v

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