Season 3 Characters - No Disarm? No Decapitate?

Season 3 League characters have been revealed and the unique characters and 3rd slot ascendable do not have any of the majorly desired specialist skills by the community: Disarm & Decapitate.

Shawn and Nik are the unique ascendables and they would be ok if the above specialists were not so desperately needed. Both of these characters will likely be more useful in the future when a good attacking AP on attack leader gets released (a melee version of Tough Andrea)

What do you think of the UNIQUE characters

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Tough Garrett is the 3rd non unique ascendable and arguably the worst of the 3 we have had in that slot so far (Kelly & Naya previously holding that slot) I think it would have been a lot better if say, decap Tyreese was made widely available so we could have our first non RNG source for a decap.

The three five stars are Fast Victor, Strong Jackson and Tough Clementine, with this being the first time Clementine has been made freely available from a non RNG source.


changed the poll options, have to revote. Added average :wink:

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Put a star on clem and i’ll grab her.


Only fools that listened to a forum troll thought a disarm was coming let’s be real


I wish I could vote “pathetic” :frowning:



The only one I am looking forward to there is Clem and thats just to have her on the roster.

I will probably pick up Shawn unless the jacket and cap requirements are astronomical.

All in all seems par for the course for season 3. First, they take away weekly coins for most of us and second they added yet another requirement for leveling them up so why wouldn’t the toons also be a letdown @Lockdown. <-- say that 10 times fast :wink:


Every toon bar Shawn are pretty useless, Garrett is too outdated now for any team. Nik on paper doesn’t seem too threatening, Shawn looks to be absolutely amazing when thrown into a team under an Alice lead.


the amount of people I saw talk about this was insane haha

Would you feel less let down if decap and disarm were already freely available elsewhere like an event etc?

Also it’s funny, I actually said that Clem is probably the character a lot of people will be happiest seeing in there


Yes and no. I got lucky with a recent 10 pull from league coins and out popped Louis and I got Bruce from the war stash. Things like this probably explain why they basically took league coins away from us.

That not so humble brag aside of course I think f2p need a disarm and decap. It’s criminal that we don’t but look how long it took them to make a revive readily available so it’s not surprising we still don’t have them.

I gave up trying to understand how they think these days. Nerf Wanderer but release toons like Alice and Dale. Sure thing scopes. The thing that scares me the most is this is still only the very beginning of gen2.

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No thought put into their designs at all, Waste Not on an AOE toon?




We did it!


They delayed disarm/decap and decided to save it for season 4.


Lol I just wrote this on the other thread. Let’s be real… it was never going to be a disarm or decap. Both are useful but I honestly think both help the P2P players which is unfortunate. Nik could be a nightmare in a Lydia team… and Shawn could be a terror in an Alice lineup. I’ll hold my judgement. Not the best. Not the worst.

My thoughts exactly

Which tends to make me view it less favorably than had there been no gear wall introduced

It feels like a step backward due to having still more decent but not excellent toons made available, but now they’re all the more difficult to make use of

I’ll be going for Garrett and then save up tokens and hope for Season 4 to have something better in store.

Mission Accomplished!!
And yes it’s been confirmed by @JB.Scopely that there will be a decap and disarm for season 4.


Can I get confirmation from JB that you’re full of :poop:? :grin:


If :poop:is a f2p disarm and decap then yes because they were supposed to be this season but he said the meta just isn’t ready yet so we wait till next oh well at least we know it’s confirmed.

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This is certain. To the museum