Season 2 Unique Characters, 6* Tara & 6* Sandy

But still cmon. Naya is such a good character. Take her or leave her.

Honestly I’ll even take Naya over Sandy. I’m certainly getting her after Tara. Naya can be a one woman army if you build the correct team behind her. Firestarter is like lacerate

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Running two will be interesting.

Imagine all your toons has burn on atk mods. This is making me excited

Burn dont stack


L_Burn Burn

  • A character under the effect of Burn will take that exact amount of damage to their HP at the end of their team’s turn. Differently from the Bleed effect, Burn cannot stack with one another on the same character. When dying, if there are any turns remaining of the Burn effect and any adjacent fighter, Burn will pass on to a random adjacent target.
  • In the case that a character is afflicted with both Bleed and Burn, Bleed damage resolves before the Burn damage.
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Who said anything about stacking? If you have burn on atk mod and Naya attacks that Toon that has a burn, it spreads. Firestarter

You guys are uncreative.

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Sandy is pretty much all about defense. No she is not going to fulfill your every expectations but at the same time she is f2p.

High defense means with a erika lead she will stay alive.

Her being red means she can have a stun gun.

Bonus hp is a big thing on every tank defense teams so she fits in line with even the best p2w teams.

66 ap so she can pop sooner exspecially if you decide to focus her first.

There’s a lot of good to be said about sandy.


I might go for Sandy 1st just because she’s a revive but Tara looks great

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I like where this thread is going


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Really?! Can’t decide which one huh lol… I’ve been playing this game for so looooong just like you all… We all know at the end of the day we all are gunnin’ for all :joy:




While I use Bleed and Burn mods on my underleveled team control team, giving all Burn mods to your entire team with Maya will be redundant. Not a lot of characters can have higher, or even match, Maya’s burn damage from her AR/weapon/active, which means that you’ll want Maya to be spreading her own burns around. Since burn doesn’t stack, Maya’s burn will always take precedent, being higher damaging burn, and will render other teammates burn mods mute.

1 or 2 other teammates with Burn mods will be fine, just not the whole team.


Maya’s burn won’t be wasted, unless there’s a higher damaging burn effect going out. Her lowest is 400 from her weapon, which I don’t think mods can go that high.So you’ll need a burn AR or active, like Tough Yumiko’s to surpass Maya’s weapons.



I think everyone will be underwhelmed by sandy… Ajak gets 50 percent defense when he gets shield and he melts like butter. We’ll see.

That’s a communication error at his best! ROFL

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Usually the 1st enemy anyone attacks melts like butter.

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