Season 2 Sandy. Thoughts


Hadn’t even noticed haha. Yea I was thinkin more of a support role for her, either way I certainly don’t think she’s complete trash like I’ve seen some suggest.


I think she can play a similar role to season 1 zeke cos she’s a true rainbow lead… good lead skill. Plus the revive active and taunt. But would be nice to see how those teams hold up


If she was any color but red it’d be great… reds are just too weak atm


Garret lead teams are poop. Range eats them up all day long. :-1:


Like melee teams eat lydia teams lol


Sandy’s most available counter is literally sitting right next to her imo…

Sure her defenses are better than Ajax, but from what I can tell it doesn’t matter much if she gets focused by the hard hitting blues that are staples in raid teams like ty,Dwight,tara (f2p) or Konrad,Dwight,Morgan,michonne (p2w)

And those are just examples… most of the blues in the game are built this way…

It’s a rough life for reds lol


She is interesting than 3 star axel


She’s…interesting. Maybe she could be used behind a decent lead and be set up to be pretty tanky, along with the revive active…which can be easily countered by someone like Tyreese or Alpha depending on the team.


I got her the minute i saw her, i think she might be useful as an attack toon. I disagree about reds being weak, i use reds against melee and range teams both. With defense against blue mods and another revive toon, she can be also used as a def toon. Mira lead, blue tyreese, lori, sandy and any guardian can kill most ranged teams included erika teams.


I’m running Erika, Mirabelle, Andrea, OG Governor and Anna as my attack team and they cut through melee defence like butter, against blues, the stun guns make sure I don’t take much heat. Too many people are still relying on Carl. And too many people don’t know how to put together a hard hitting alert team.

Sandy is most likely going to replace Anna on this team, giving me two revives, taunt, stun, confuse, neut… Alerts aren’t underpowered.


Just pulled violet from VTs made skipping sandy pretty easy


For someone who has no revives, she is a welcome addition.

Rush is nice but wish she taunted 2 turns or taunted 3 enemies for 1 turn.

Her active is the main reason i purchased her.
The revive is pretty nice but i wish there is more to the active with having taunt part of it.

Several things come to mind with her active, the normal hp buff or healing to self would be especially helpful.

40-50% attack nerf on those taunted targets would be a nice alternative as well.

if no attack nerfs or tanking abilities from the active, confusion instead of taunt would work as well.

As far as her active, it’s an interesting rainbow lead but it’s weak. If going for a rainbow lead that stat part A & B contributed to all traits, 30%hp/def would’ve been a lot better than what it is now. 45% def to all traits could work as well or 45% hp to all.

All in all she is nice to have if having no revives but if the player has other options, sandy is meh due to her lead, her rush being a little underwhelming and possibly the active needing further improvement.


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