Season 2 Sandy. Thoughts

What are your thoughts on the new season 2 Sandy?

Don’t care so much about the revive, but might get her to utilize her taunt + stun weapon to be annoying.


Don’t care about her revive :joy::joy::joy::man_shrugging:


Revive with some control ability. I feel ftp should be more excited than they are.

Below premier level but above monthly gets. Which feels appropriate for making a mid-tier game play (rather than just base/top).

I can’t argue with players wishes for decap/disarm. But this is by no means a bad offering.

Tara I’ll hold my thoughts on as I’m not sure how the special/rush will all work together. Could be useful, but limited use unfortunately.


Better than Solange :joy:


Should get her if you already have a toon that revives with their rush. She can only revive twice so she won’t help timeout as effective as hunter as an example. Besides that she’s solid

You’d have to be on Crack to think she’s bad.


People keep saying she’s so good and everybody has jumped on the bandwagon. I’m still sitting here thinking :thought_balloon:… “What a trash toon” :joy::astonished::joy:. Literally soon as I saw her I knew she was was garbage just like green mirabelle. People are crazy so obsessed with pixels jeez.

Love my green mira and she is better than my abe at t3 vs t4 abe. Like her rush and the hp boost instead of the crit. I dont like sandy and wont get her, im getting tara and naya. Opinions tho right lol


My thoughts on season 2 sandy is this. Shes ok, a bit below average even for f2p imo. Taunt and a stun gun is cool and all but not a game changer. I think she kinda got cut short, her rush could have more to it like defense boost, heals, more hp boost for all teammates, something is needed more in that rush. Her lead skill isnt good at all, season 1 zeke has a more tanky lead skill, so she shouldnt be someones lead, lee, mira, zeke, wanderer, spencer, erika, imo are better leads. Her revive skill is turn 4, this cant be charged faster and only can be used 2 times. Imo she falls short. If a f2p uses her, take her out with tara and thats over with or with tyreese. No whales using her, they are using 2 magnas and 3 erikas or something. I just dont see her being usable, theirs f2p counters for her like tara or tyreese, whales are using an erika, a McKenzie is better than sandy, etc but of course thats my opinion.

Well dont get me wrong but even every premier have ftp counters shiva,abe,anna etc for yellows, dwight,ty for reds etc…you need a bit(or more) luck with weapons and mods and some team building skills and there shouldnt be ‘unbeatable’ teams, of course if rng dont f up completely :man_shrugging:

Yup, this game is mostly rng based not skill or even p2w, if your team is stunned round 1 and keeps getting stunned then its over. Mostly rng after a certain point and that’s what I hate cause it isnt about skills just luck and that tells me nothing about my teams, rng is the worst thing in gaming and scopely does it in the worst way possible

Green garret, Solange, sandy is a decent team composition.


She’s just okay… the reason I say that is because she’s alert and is obviously at a disadvantage against the most readily available decap. What makes violet and Mac so good are that decap sandy and wayland aren’t readily available. If she was a fast character she would be amazing.

comments from f2p only! we know u whales all have revive revive revive shield shield teams already and dont need her

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I don’t think the thread says anything about having to be f2p or not… therefore anyone can comment.

Undecided. She looks pretty decent but being red in a sea of hard hitting blue is always a worry. But Ajax has held up better than I expected so will reserve judgment until can get her in some test teams, prob end of week or so (stupid practice dummys)

Check them stats. Higher than Ajax. But yeah blues are all raw power.

Might be best to match with other rainbow leads (Carley or other) so likelihood of a blue heavy Assault coming in is reduced.

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I’m just taking because I don’t have her. And still waiting on this free revive. Revives twice is better than 0 also

You have to reconsider the first sentence. Yes, the influence of RNG is way too large in this game. But P2W has sort of an exit strategy. You can buy resistance mods. Most whale teams I’ve seen in CRW were full with golden Stun Resist mods >50%.