Season 2 characters leaks or current?

So can we get soon new leaks or current list for another leags season like before season 1?

I hope season 2 is a bit further away don’t get me wrong but at this point I’m at 0 raid cans. Would love a break to even stay in diamond…

I hope they add to leage store cans special gear(flare gun for tara etc.) trainers(lilith etc).
And i hope they add good characters(zake is very good but mirabele and kelly is not very good characters for beginners and for moneone who font have leader/command good but for others…

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Mira is good same for Zeke. I don’t really know why there was only 3 ascendables. They should add around 8 in my opinion to make up variety. (2 atk 2 medics, 2 support and 2 tanks) and probably throw in some good weapons.


Sounds Good, as long as they keep normal 5* in it.

But then that would be helpful

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you know that by writing this, season two will start right away! for me it can start right away.

and they dont want that :roll_eyes:

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of course look at the free shield

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I didn’t buy any of them yet I’m waiting to see if some1 leaks season 2 toons

Wasn’t green Sawyer leaked last week as being available in league store 2, or was that for something else?

sawyer was actually a preliminary screenshot of leagues. although he could pop up in season 2…i doubt it. would be cool though. looks good as hes neutralize in that iteration and not execute.


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