Search Bar in Roster

Just quality of life, especially after collecting so many Benedict’s from roadmaps, having a search feature to quickly get to the toon we want would be very helpful! Cheers!


There is a name feature on the filters

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Mmhmm but if I want C I gotta go Z to A cos I have 800 Benes now with the new roadmaps. XD


just group those damn trainers ffs scopely, damn.


This is so needed


That’s a good idea too, having folders or groups etc.

All good ideas when running low with roster space :wink:


we are talking about the game experience not about roster space. i dont care about having no roster space (prob. others do) but to scroll through 300 bennys to get to a new pulled toon is annoying. Let every trainer count as one roster spot but let them view as one card. And you bet those are the problems of most p2p players so the people you should care about. While leveling you could pick a trainer type and press arrows for how many you want to use. Nobody wants to use 10 trainers now, but 40 eg. Another outdated feature! #StackTrainers #PlayersUnited

Sorting and filtering are two different things. We can sort characters in the roster, but not filter them.

For example: suppose I want to see only my Leader persona characters. I could sort by Persona, but because Leader is kind of midway, I’d still have to swipe the list many times until I get to them, regardless of whether I sort in ascending order or descending order.

A good in-game example of both sorting and filtering coexisting is the Mods Management, where you can sort the mods by Rarity, Level or Name, but you can also filter them by Set (Attack, Defense, HP or Crit). There’s also what I call an “advanced filter” (magnifier icon) where you can combine multiple criteria: for example, only show Bronze and Silver mods that are unequipped. This feature is even more complete in the “Sell Mods” window, where you can also filter by mod type! (auxiliary, trait, etc).

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This is also an awesome idea! Would be suuuuper helpful!

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