Scrolling through Twitter sees this ad

Could this Be the greatest game ad of all times for us rts players lmao Idk how the game is but it cracked me up!


Pretty great I must admit I just looked it up. Too bad it’s just a card game…

Really nice Ad

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Yeah. Not my thing either.

Which is odd. The RPG elements are likely similar to those of TWD. The key difference is the visual presentation.

Still, card game screenshots make me gag inside. Go figure.

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Ah damn checked too, card games just don’t cut it for me either. Now monopoly I get to be a slum lord so it’s fun :smirk:

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I went from OMG…Elder scrolls on my phone.

To…this sucks. Its stupid cards. Bleh.

My emotions on a yo-yo.


Been playing it quite a bit. It’s pretty cool. :slight_smile:
Not sure why you guys hate card games when you play a somewhat interactive card game actually. :rofl:

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