Screwing over loyal players

Fix the darn game and the crappy crappy crappy awards you give out. And maybe quit making it so darn expensive to do anything. You guys are screwing your loyal long time players and yourselves. People will leave if you make everything pay


What awards do they hand out?

I would like an award please.


I would like them to hand out all s class toons to everyone. It only seems fair.

Participation award?


They just need to make a more viable avenue for all to obtain sclass toons

Rewards are decided by the Department of Monitization.

Guess what they are designed to do?

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I don’t mean hand out. The awards for being in the top absolutely suck. They don’t give a crap about the players anymore

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i’m sure they care about actual BIG PAYING players, a lot.

by they i mean shareholders.

if you ain’t paying, then you ain’t getting buddy.

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No they don’t don’t care. Spent a few grand and I’m ready to leave. They don’t care

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Fix game please

I have yet to receive any awards, please explain what I need to do to get an award!

I’ve a patient zero player, been playing since the game started. Not one single award :frowning:


Are you in a faction

I think he is trolling your usage of award vs reward.

Lmao! Your award is knowing your still surviving! Keep it up!

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Working as intended

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I played this game for 3 years to tell you the truth. I don’t care anymore. I don’t even spend the world energy I got . I think I will quite sonner than I think .
Thank you scopley for making it easier for me.

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All of the c-classes for free? That’s stupid af. You have to grind for them, why give them out for free?

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Is this “the team”?

“The Team” 2019

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“The Team engaging the forums” 2019