Screwed up rotation for war

I thought there was a rotation set for war, so that you aren’t getting the same faction back to back…this war, we’ve been getting the same fac, back to back. We’re on match 6, in a row, and search times are awful. What’s going on? Is anyone else having this issue? @JB.Scopely


That’s not how it works at all. The reason you keep getting the same team is because in an AOW the pool of available matches is so much smaller. The game tries to match you to an available team of equal strength and the search widens when that isn’t an option but if only 2-5 teams are in the queue you will get matched to whoever is ready regardless of strength and regardless if you just had a war with them.

AOE needs to be retired and CRW needs to have the rewards made worthwhile for ranks 11-200. This fixes all problems.


My understanding is that there is something in the code which tries to avoid repeat match ups.

But if you the only two factions searching, ain’t much you can do.

I believe the search also starts looking at “closely matched” teams in terms of strength, before widening the search to those less closely matched. So it maybe be that it prefers a repeat match which is of similar strength to a different opponent who is stronger/weaker

Like @IronandWine and @Kanaima said. There is a criteria for match ups but if a close in strength opponent cannot be found in a certain amount of time then it opens up to a wider pool of opponents. In less active regions you are going to see the top 3 factions a lot because they are the most active and will be in the queue most often.

There is not a whole lot they can do to improve match making for AOW if regions don’t have 10 or more actively warring factions. Either searching is going to be forever because it’s waiting for that one perfect opponent or you are going to end up matching top factions quite a lot.

It’s odd though. We actually have more than 30 active factions, warring. I just don’t get it. Maybe matching the strength though, because it’s just the top 3 facs, going at each other. Us and them. Lol.

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