Screwed for the new year


picture says it all… 14 day event with 13 days of roadmap…

$200 worth of apples to shove up my ass.

Not spending another single cent on this game and wrote an email to google on how this app forces people to gamble on rigged odds. unhealthy for kids. hahaha bye bye.

wrote to support and they must still be drunk from new years party… replied me about knives… -.-

Sucks you missed a day but not sure I can blame them on that one. Werent they even numbered?

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well the crap info on events that they give will make one think its a 14 day event. with 14 roadmaps.

Asking them gives you zero info.

spending money on this game is my fault.

tricking people with rigged odds is their fault which will get this game off the app store.

Why would you have thought there would be 14? And why did you keep going if you missed a day?

It wouldnt of killed them to run the maps an extra day or 2. After all some people were paying for half the event and things pop up in rl sometimes.

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because i counted 14 days of roadmaps here and i saw 14 days in museum and so i bought enough apples to complete it at one go… in case they decide to screw you by not selling anymore apples.

I am also missing one tiara and I did all the maps and did not miss a day

Yea somehow I missed a day as well which I dont get cause im on everyday but only for the f2p rm so I’m no that upset to miss out on a whole 390 collectables. I wasnt spending on this game cause of how greedy and careless of the players they are hell they couldn’t even give the sc members who pay monthly anything other than useless glasses

12 here too, and I don’t think I missed any. Tiaras. This some sort of scam? I didn’t see any for sale though either, makes no sense.



Are there tiaras in the bag?

nope just sr tokens

Sadly you just miscounted. For there to be 14 roadmaps another roadmap would have had to start on the 9th but that’s when the 13th roadmap ended. It’s also common for collections to end a day after the event.

It does suck that you spent so much money for nothing though.

lol I like how everyone is blaming scopely for there own mess up and not being able to read and count each map was numbered it was pretty simple to follow a bit like painting by numbers


Come on guys, this is 2020 now : time for new gates and a whole new screw up year !!

“And for those who keep taking offers and SC membership, we are thrill to announce that you can still sit on these, our CEO lambo’s is doing fine ! Thank you’”

You get an extra day to actually collect. This is how its always been done.


Damn sorry bud that sucks😔

sorry (not really) but that’s on YOU. 13 roadmaps. Not that hard. Nothing personal. I ended up getting only 11 and I know that’s my fault. It ■■■■■■■ but it is what it is

Ignoring the whole you missed a day argument, what kind of crappy and poorly thought through roadmap collection doesn’t give you something for completing at least some of them? All or nothing is not a way to encourage spending…

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You did miss a day, cause I got my tiara collection.