Screw us old regions?


Sooo heard about this elite character token in this new region giving new 6* or 6*…:rage::rage::rage:


what is a region?


Things that are ignored by Scopely as they wither and die


What’s da region also no this helps new people reigions ha fool
It’s really hard for newbies to start so let them start with dis wheel


Ok here Scopes support at work…


I put account in 1 of the new regions of course I pulled 3* from that wheel they know it’s me


To me it is not the point that yes they are behind us toonwise while just starting out. The point is that no matter what it is not fair to offer a new region something you wont off everyone else…its a crock of bull they putting down your throats… yes its only 1% chance (so they say) but idc it aint right


Totally Agree!!! It like they want the older regions to just fade away and die!


They don’t care about us oldies, a quote from an employee on glass door.


Pretty much what I have assumed all along. Nobody at Scopely HQ actually plays this game… which is ludicrous. Even a bad chef tastes their own food…



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