Screen resolution? Cant play

This is what THE. Game look like when i open it, havnt changed anything. What to do?


Seems a few people are having this issue today actually

I had this once. I just closed the game and opened it up again. But I’m guessing it doesn’t work for you.

Been like this for a week or two. Just havent bothered to check whats wrong. I just thought ut was an update that would be fixed but seems it wont. Never had this problem before.
Its on a OnePlus 6

I have tried reinstalling THE game too, but still THE same

i have the same issue. i bought a brand new 1 + 6 and the screen is constantly like that. i cant play rts on my phone. @JB.Scopely

Go to display settings or advanced accessibility and look for screen resolution. To lowering it

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