Scratch Territories Give Us Faction Cities


After a long days work in the real world, I sit down to play the game I love and have one of the worst experiences to date playing the game. I wasted 16 energy trying to apply a team to a territory to defend from attack and constantly got a bug causing my team to be immediately kicked and an energy was consumed.

Sure they know about the constant bugs and glitches in territories but enough is enough… throw it out and give us something new!!!

The Faction City created by faction members to benefit your faction alone, without the constant glitching and bugs.

What exactly is this City… Here are a few examples of what buildings members will work together to build, using massive amounts of resources and gear(city gear farmable from new missions) to level buildings to 20!

Power Plant : Each level upgraded will contribute to a faster refresh rate for World Energy

Guard Station : Each level upgraded will apply a bonus defense of a minimal amount, something like 0.25 per level

Weaponsmith : Each level upgraded will apply a bonus attack of a minimal amount, something like 0.25 per level

Faction Depot : Each level upgraded unlocks a random purchasable gear, weapon or trainer similar to current depots but the options become better the higher it is leveled

Sniper School : Each level increase crit chance by a minimal amount, something like 0.25 per level

Military Base : Each level increases war energy refresh rate

Bounty Hunter : Increase reputation gained in raids at 1 per 5 levels and raid energy refresh rate

Laboratory : Decrease mod scrap consumption and increase mod scrap daily production and breakdown value

Missionary or Church : Upgrading each level will increase survivor drop rates when farming levels

City Exchange : allow items, gear, weapons and refill cans to be traded between faction members for a trade fee based off of current building level.

As you have read there are some interesting ideas and its limitless the options that are available when you get down to the nitty gritty. This is an idea that I feel most of not all the community can get behind.

So let’s push to get this developed so we can begin our race building faction cities!!!


Pokes Phal - <3


:thinking: Not bad sir, not bad :pray:t5:


Yes, please consider this. Territories are just boring and filled with bugs. Only time its enjoyable are when the limited time territories are available. City sounds like fun!


Good idea, but if Scopely did this, it would cost a ton of coins for every upgrade.


Hopefully no coins will be needed for upgrading, just massive wood and food amounts and special new gear found in new missions


haha sen vahşi üçlü berbat emiyorsun


Translation please?


You put in something new it will be worse gitchs than that lets fix what’s wrong now


There’s no energy or coining involved causing players to lose hard earned and then getting that fabulous automated response from support saying we cannot compensate you… it’s like putting a quarter in a bubble gum machine and getting only dust out


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