Scrap 8x8 make always 6x6 regional war


As players are dwindling away please make normal and crw 6x6 not 8x8 . And blitz wars 4x4.

Benits for players:
Less waiting time,
Less queuing time,
Larger availability across time zones.
More drops
More fun

Benefits for scopely:
Increased activity
More wars, more coining more money.
Happier players
Increase longevity of game.
Ultimately increased revenue



Great idea


What a terrible idea. We pretty much get 8 players without trouble, so all you’ll achieve is cutting two players out of war every time. No thanks.


Paves glad you are ok, are you top faction in region right? But guess what there are soooo many more players than just that, my region now has 20 actives with the top only doing about 30 wars, the rest all around 10 or so :frowning:

Sometimes takes us 3-4 hours to fill all spots by that time people are working, or doing something else’s can’t star at a screen waiting for 4 hours.


Hi Mr Death! No, we’re generally a 4-8 rank faction but pretty active. We don’t rank higher because we are f2p, though you can spend if you want to.