Scrap 2 platinum mods to choose a platinum mod

Amazing fking choices! Thanks so much for including this in the missions!


That’s an optional mission. You don’t have to complete it to do the other SC missions.

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You do realize that each of those choices is a different set, right? So you can dump two crits that you don’t use and get an atk or def mods. A chance at something decent is better than 2 mods that you’ll never use.


I do not. Theres no indicators.

It’s so very subtle I missed it myself when it was first launched. The top missions in this screenshot are indented (shifted slightly to the right) because they’re part of the first set of missions. The plat mod mission is not indented because it’s a mission all of its own and not a part of the first set of missions.

I’m aware it’s not mandatory.

I was just pointing out that it says you get a choice, but when you look at the choice screen, it just shows 4 plat mods with no indicator of set or anything.

That’s indicated, too.

If you tap on the choice box, you can see you have a choice of 4 different “locations” or “shapes” of the mods to choose from. They’re all attack set.

And then if you tap on one of those shapes it tells you what type of mod it is.

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You changed my life!

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