Scrap 2 platinum mods mission

Sorry, most likely a silly question, but what one is supposed to do to complete this? Thanks

Lmao op I wonder what’s up with your head.
It’s literally selling two platinum mods.

Since you didn’t know how to do the mission, I’ll give ya another helpful hint. Don’t just sell the mods. Level them up to level 5. Then sell it. Pretty much guaranteed to make a profit. (This goes with all mods, but the higher the rank, the higher the profit). Leveling much higher than level 5 becomes a gamble since you’re more likely to fail an attempt and wipe away the profit.


I thought the weekly missions were consistent so everyone had the same targets (talking about both the normal weekly missions for comics, and the battle pass). Where are you seeing this? It’s a pretty harsh mission to get. I’ve only ever seen it once and pretty sure it was a few months back during a special event

It’s an optional survivors club mission. Every week, you have the option of selling 2 platinum mods, and you can choose a platinum mod with the trait of your choice in return. Pretty useful for dumping trash mods.


Sure, although not as bad as the “ascend an insane number of characters to 6star” types. Once you have run SR enough to get a few platinum mods, you’ll find that nearly all of them are crap, so selling them isn’t as painful as it might sound.

Well I have no problem selling this :poop: :poop:

For some reason I can’t do this mission🤔

You’re a SC member? If so, that’s weird. And sucks. You should contact support.