Scouting wave 3 regions for transfer

Anyone know if Fairfield is an active region? It looks like a good place to farm easy rewards tbh.

Come to Jefferson we have nice people and we want more nice people to be with our nice people that are nice.


Thanks bro I will check it out

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Fairfield onloy started last September. It’s where I started playing the game. I left it when transfers came around. Lots of long playing factions moved in and it was total chaos. Last I heard it was still a mess. That’s been awhile though.

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I’ve been looking at a few regions and FF seems the easiest to take over :muscle:

Question why are y’all looking to move if your rank one in a region with little to no competition? Don’t yall already get top rewards in chilton i got a mini parked there

Cannon is going to be the easiest to take over bc it’s so new and in wave 3 for some reason… there are a few teams I know of moving there for that same purpose, would be nice if y’all could slide in and ruin their plans… they are not very good

Cannon already a very active region, #2 in crw for regions but top ranked team was #8… primed for the taking and will give you lots of people to recruit (poach) from.

its not giving me the option to transfer yet???

It’s kind of locked until the current faction event is over

Well I’m in Fairfield. It is a nice region overall

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