Score difference between Global and League Survival board

Updated the game this morning, I had a look to the Survival Leaderboard, in the “Global” leaderboard I can see I’m currently scoring about 396k, while in the Solo League the score shown is 486k, placing me at 2nd place instead of something about 30ish.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @LadyGeek

Considering this is the qualifier and I’m not really interested to get promoted :slight_smile: I consider this sort of disadvantage, while on the other side I’m happy to get the 48k points as rewards.

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Can you please show screenshots of exactly where you’re looking so we don’t have to assume?

You should keep it with you, you don’t want it now but you will next week lol

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Buy more fills and go crazy!!

Or not.

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