Score check on hordes

Out of curiosity what is high score in your horde league. 140k in diamond 1 seems this event will be relegated there is definitely not much spending going on so far.

Prizes and cost to obtain them aren’t worth it so…

Top guy in my league is over 200k already. Diamond 4

Top guy in mine is at 240k, about 8 people right behind him with 200k+, I’m in Diamond 5.

I wonder how much gold was spent on more tanks

Cant keep cards, milestones are crap, and the rewards are more crap so not paid much attention. Just using my energy and trying to stay in my current league.

I have 90k but under the 75k milestones and like 73k… SMMFH!

157k…platinum 1…1st place

Interesting, same as one of my regions.

What is their name? I wanna see if it’s the same one.


Hmmmm nvm then

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: tootyfukinfruity… now I’m going to be thinking about the movie Devil’s Rejects all night.

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110k is the top in mind, but there’s nothing to fight for, so obviously nobody’s going to really try this time. I’m saving my cans for when there’s an ascendable as a reward.

I just saw this

This is a Score.

Currently at 49k. Seems very difficult to hit something decent at the moment…

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Those scores are wrong, this guy in first in my leagues actually has 270k, whenever I match someone it shows they have astronomical points 1-3 million worth.

Okay I had headache to figure out how to make those high amount of points

139k at the moment, at 5th place in Diamond 1, with 7.5 hours left.

I guess I’m not lucky, diamond 1 and 4th with more than 200k…